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We’ve had the plan to spend our Easter Weekend in North Wales for yonks, but that didn’t make me any less nervous. Between the husband and I, there are three children! Two of his and one of ours – all under 7 years old. None of which are fantastic travellers and the trip was always going to be at least a five hour drive. I was nervous, but it turned out well! Here are the things we found essential and also our tips.

1. MiFold Car Seat. Anyone with three children that all still need a car seat will know my struggle here, there is no way that three car seats comfortably fit int he back of any car, usually we will just stomach the squeeze and deal with it for short term journeys, but for our staycation the car journey was five hours and I wanted everyone to be comfortable. The MiFold allows a little extra space whilst still offering the security of knowing our child is still in a booster seat. This was also fantastic as at one point I had to take the baby and seven year old out for an emergency nappy dash when we weren’t by the car. I had to get a taxi and being able to slot this in my changing bag but knowing she still had the safety of her booster seat was fantastic peace of mind. Obviously carrying a baby car seat around a supermarket is hard enough without having to carry around a booster seat too! Click here to buy.

2. Capri-Sun. I’m not sure what it is about kids and capri suns but there is a major novelty factor that you can’t deny. Want to make any trip a little more exciting? Throw in a capri sun multi pack!

3. Extra Long Phone Charger. Let’s face it, any successful trip is going to involve throwing an iPhone at one of the children when they look on the brink of a meltdown. Having an extra long charging lead with an in car charger or power bank is a must. Click here to buy.
4. Heinz Powdered Food. We took pouches, and I LOVE pouches for being on the go, but a great space saving option is also these little “just add water” space saving meals. The baby loves them too, he seems to think he is having some gourmet seven course meal! Click here to buy.
5. Wine. – you’ll need it!
6. Security Camera. I am a straight up worrier, there is something that fills me with MAJOR anxiety about leaving my house overnight. I have the constant worry of “did we leave the oven on, “is the backdoor locked”, I just can’t help myself! We have had a security camera that links up to your phone since there was a burglary in the area and it just makes me feel 10x better that you have that additional security. This Panasonic Indoor Camera, has motion, temperature and sound triggers that will alert your smart phone if it detects anyone! Click here to buy.
7. Pre-Made Formula. This stuff is more expensive than powdered formula, but it is so much more convenient. I only planned to use it for the car journey, however it turned out to be way easier doing night feeds when you’re staying in someone else’s house! The smaller bottles allowed me to have one ready on the bedside table that I could make up as soon as he stirred.
8. Haribo Multi Pack. Travelling with three children is all about choosing your battles? Do I really want to be stuffing them with sweets? No. Is it inevitable? Yes. These little multi packs mean you have some control over how much they actually eat and there is a fun novelty for them having “party food”

9. Milton Sterilising Tablets. These are so easy to use, fuss free and take up very little space in your bags.
10. Milton Wipes. Being on the go and in a new environment can be tough when you have a baby. I love these for wiping down dropped dummies, bottle teats, baby spoons and also highchairs that you are not used to using. They’re also great if you visit a cafe where they haven’t got round to cleaning the tables yet.


  • Mentally prepare for the worst, plan for tears and tantrums – anything above that will exceed your expectations. I was fully prepared to be asked “are we nearly there yet” five minutes into the journey and three lots of tears when they discovered we weren’t, but was pleasently surprised that two of the kids slept the whole thing and one was an angel.
  • If the trip is long, maybe plan it over their bedtime? We had a five/six hour journey depending on traffic so decided that as the kids get tired around seven, we would leave at six. This worked out perfectly as we wouldn’t be too tired to drive, but two of the kids ended up sleeping the entire thing!
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