Keeping Cool in the Summer | 10 Top Tips for Pregnant Mamas

Pregnancy, no matter how much we would like it to be it’s not always the most glamorous thing, especially not during the hot summer months where your pregnancy glow is actually just a splattering of sweat and your ankles are the same size as your neck. Here our bloggers share their top tips on keeping your cool this Summer. 

The best tip I have is to carry a battery powered fan in my handbag when out and about in the summer months. Its small & compact and great when you need a quick cool down!
– Laura, Mumma & Co

Dip your feet or pulse points (wrists/inner elbows) in cool water to help cool you down. I’d spend weeks running my wrists under the taps at work!! That and definitely invest in a fan. It’s SO worth it in the middle of the night!
– Hayley, Devon Mama

Stay hydrated, drink as much water as possible! & carry spare clothes with you (leggings etc) just incase you get too hot and need to change. But the main one being – stay hydrated, and if you cant face drinking lots due to sickness, suck on ice cubes this helped me so much along with ice lollies.
– Zoe, Mummy & Liss

Carry a water spray everywhere! If you have a couple, you can rotate them in the fridge so there is always one at hand. I found 2 large sprays for £1 in Poundland last week! 
– Mel, Le Coin De Mel

Get one of those cooling sprays, also aloe Vera gel for swollen ankles and feet, plus I echo soaking pulse points in cool water. Stay indoors and don’t do too much!
– Jenny, Midwife & Life 

Last summer I resorted to sitting in the paddling pool 😂 my daughter enjoyed splashing around whilst I cooled my swollen ankles and attempted to cool down!
– Lucy, Real Mum Reviews

I had really itchy skin in the summer so get moisturiser in the fridge. Felt utterly amazing to put it all over my skin! Kept the suncream in their too
– Laura, Edinburgh with Kids

I was addicted to Ice Lollies and could eat a packet in a row, but obviosuly not the heallthiest choice right? Freeze fruit purée and snack on that instead – also good practise on your purée skills for when the baby arrives! 
– Georgina, Georgina Clarke Blog

Wearing nothing but pants…at home obviously!!
– Natalie, Crummy Mummy

Convince everyone you really need a break and head for a spa session that has air-con. For the baby you know.
– Nyomi, Nomi Paloney

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5 Replies to “Keeping Cool in the Summer | 10 Top Tips for Pregnant Mamas”

  1. I haven't been heavily pregnant during the summer but my third was born in october so i did feel the heat while pregnant, i tend to plan the best that i can not to carry during the summer!! 🙂 definitely saving these tips

  2. I went overdue in the hottest May EVER, it felt like complete torture. I could have done with these tips back then, all I did was lay on the floor next to the fan for days!!

  3. I went to Tenerife at 7 months and it was the stupidest decision ever – it was bloody July. The pool was an absolute lifesaver though – I wish I'd seen some of these tips though!

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