5 Top Dating Tips

1. Choose your location wisely.

I wouldn’t say it’s weird but definitely classy as hell *rolls eyes*. McDonald’s wasn’t quite what I had in mind…

– Joanne, Winging Mama-Hood

2. Chitter Chatter

How to make winning conversation:

Open-ended questions, keep the conversation flowing even if you’re super nervous

-Emma, Ready Freddie Go

Ask what they do in their spare time, it will give you a good idea if you are compatible or not. If for instance, they are an obsessive surfer will you be happy sitting on the beach watching a dot on the horizon for most of the weekend? Equally, if you have an all-consuming sport or hobby, like horse riding, let them know, they might not relish the idea of standing in a field in their spare time watching you gallop by.

Sara, Jodhpurs for Maisie

and what to keep schtum on: 

Don’t talk a lot about your previous partner!

-Pete, Household Money Saving

Don’t mention marriage and babies on your first date.

-Eileen, Your Money Sorted

3. Keep tabs on your wingman.

I’ve had a few, on one when I was 16 his dad came with him to meet me and then lectured me about how his son was a future Olympian cyclist and so needed to be focused on his sport and couldn’t afford to be distracted by ‘a bit of skirt’ so would need a girlfriend who understood his priorities. It didn’t work out – partly because of the lycra but mainly because he was an arse!

-Alex, Better Together Home

4. First Impressions Count.

You want to make a good impression from the offset, even by optimising your dating profile. Here are some top tips to get more views to your 50+ single dating profile.

Smile it make you approachable and beautiful and helps the other person relax and will bring out their best.

-Becky, Simple Parenting

BE YOU! Don’t feel the need to impress. If you need to let rip then you do what you’ve gotta do girl.. if he’s genuine he’ll like you regardless!

-Joanne, Winging Motherhood

5. Stay Safe!

If you’re meeting someone on the internet, make sure it is in a safe, public place! Always put your own safety first, regardless of how much you might think you know someone.

-Fern, Mumconventional

Let a friend/relative know where you’re going to be – and have them on standby with a code word if it all goes a bit wrong as an excuse to leave!

-Beth, Twinderelmo


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