Tips for Dairy Free Breastfeeding

So, just as you establish breastfeeding, overcoming feeding problems and pains, you find out your baby has a dairy allergy and that in order to keep breastfeeding you need to go dairy free. Its a blow. You LOVE breastfeeding but you love cheese too! However, breastfeeding right now is more important to you. Cheese will be around for the rest of our lives right?

That doesn’t make it any easier though right? Our in-house mummies and expert dairy free breastfeeders are here to help you out with our top tips!

Make sure you get lots of calcium from other sources. I didn’t and it affected my bones!

– Ella, Typical Mummy

You can check your nutritional levels with tests from websites like 

I find that Ocado has a really big choice of dairy free products or shopping online generally helps as it means you get items from the bigger shops as opposed to your local supermarket which might not have a full range. Plain pizza bases, tomato pizza topping (or make your your own) and Violife vegan grated cheese makes a pretty decent pizza and meal in a hurry!

– Jodie, Maidenhead Mummy

Meal Planning is essential! If you get hungry and don’t have anything ready that is where you can either give up and grab something that contains dairy or start feeling resentful about the situation.

– Georgina, Georgina Clarke Blog

Thrifty Mum shares some great meal and snack ideas on her blog! 

Don’t just think an item is ‘safe’ because you’ve had it before. Recipes are forever changing so always need to check! Also a majority of the time it’s the supermarket own brand versions of things that don’t have milk in so don’t be sucked into the whole ‘free from’ range all the time. Especially as it is all so expensive!

– Naomi, Not a Perfect Parent

Don’t have dairy in the house!  You can’t eat what’s not there. (eliminates room for error too!)

– Victoria, The Growing Mum

1. If it’s because you have an allergy baby, you should also cut soya, and then independently confirming each allergen (by reintroducing) after six weeks.
2. Nobody else will be as vigilant and careful as you; check everything yourself.
2. Ben & Jerry’s DF Peanut Butter & Cookies ice cream is Ah-mazing.

– Kate, The Less Refined Mind

Bring snacks whenever you’re out of the house so you’re not worrying if a dairy-free diet can be accommodated where you’re going!

– Rachel, Pale Girl Rambling

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