Safe Swaddling with The Gro Company

“Hip safe” swaddling with The Gro Company

Swaddling has always been a big thing for us, I am a big believer in the fourth trimester and Rory is a very typical fourth-trimester baby, he likes for things to be as close to feeling like he’s back in the womb as possible. He likes white noise, warmth, to be as close to me as possible at all times and he likes to be cosy. So swaddling has always been part of our routine, however, I never knew there were links to it causing hip problems until Emma mentioned it.

Not many people know this but Hip Dysplasia runs in our family, Rory’s big sister was in a cast from three months through to nine months due to it and because of this Rory has been checked multiple times but so far seems to be healthy and well.

The Gro-Snug is a small stroke of genius, you get all the swaddle but benefits with it’s unique “hip healthy” design that allows natural leg positioning, it’s even supported by the National Hip Dysplasia Institute.

The Gro Snug also offers some other benefits above traditional swaddling. Babies can give Houdini a run for his money when it comes to breaking out of a swaddle, but as this is all zipped up snuggly, once they’re in, they’re in. It also unzips from the bottom allowing you to do nappy changes without having to completely unravel them. They’re much lower maintenance than traditional swaddling.

We have loved the Gro Snug and am super sad that Rory has outgrown his cosy little cocoon, for peace of mind they’re a fantastic product and super lovely and cosy, as well as all of this the Orla Keily patterns are absolutely gorgeous! You can find it here.

*We were offered the Gro-Snug in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own and the Gro Snug is fantastic. 


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