To all the ladies in their first trimester…

To all the ladies in their first trimester: 

Here is something that all ladies need to remember about the first trimester, it IS such hard work! Just because your body isn’t heavier right now and people don’t give you sympathy because you haven’t got a watermelon hanging off you, your body is preparing for that. Right now during your first trimester your body is preparing for that with less support, your placenta at this point is still forming so is just your right hand man at this point (well its more than that, it’s pretty amazing so we should give it some credit). Your baby and placenta are currently relying on your body to keep it alive and your baby and your body don’t really care about you! No, you ate a banana? You want some of those nutrients to make you feel good? Tough. Baby needs banana more than you do and your body is going to give it to him over you! Feeling breathless? You will do, your lungs are now making sure your baby gets some oxygen so you just sit and wait. Right now you are learning that you come second (we all need to get used to this) your body is no longer yours, you are the incubator to another human being. You have every right to feel completely shit. 

Your body is producing hormones that are going to make you feel dog rough, they’re going to make you feel sick and nauseous, they’re going to put you off your food, they’re going to make you fall asleep halfway through The Great British Bake Off, they’re going to make you want to cry at some dog in shoes video on Facebook and they’re going to want to make you stuff your face until you are the size of a watermelon. 

Right now, your body is making another human being, how mind blowing is that! And you mumma to be should be so proud of yourself! You are not going to feel like yourself, because it’s not just you anymore! It’s you and your baby. 

At 29 weeks with a huge belly (and it’s going to get bigger) in one of the hottest summers we have ever had as I sit on the sofa with my top off, genuinely wondering if it’s worth splitting a lip to try and ram in a third ice lolly, I wouldn’t swap it for those first few weeks. They are so tough and ladies you are doing amazingly! 

I promise in a few weeks that placenta is going to take charge of the situation and you are going to get a little bit of you back, the hormones will settle and you’ll be able to eat normal foods and have some energy and your nails are going to get pretty strong too. A few weeks after that you are going to feel your little tiny bean (who is now actually a lot bigger than a bean but we keep calling them it anyway) moving around and you are going to start forming a whole new amazing bond. 

Right now, hang in there. That little one is going to be so worth it and you will get your badge of honour. You are doing a cracking job! 

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