Finding Out The Gender… Should You?

One of the first questions you’re asked when you reveal your pregnancy is “are you going to find out what you’re having?” and for a lot of people the answer but it is still a bog decision. Here our bloggers discuss their experiences of finding out the gender. 


Finding out the gender beforehand helps to bond and visualise the little one, as well as put a name to him or her. It’s also something fun to find out and breaks the nine months up a bit! There’s the added benefit of your family knowing the gender too. I’m not a fan of gender-stereotyping, it’s just that most newborn baby cards and gifts are either blue or pink with “boy” or “girl” written on them. Telling the family in advance helps those who’d like to buy gifts for the new arrival. And finally… our eldest was desperate for a little sister, so giving her the news that she’d have a baby sister was a very nice moment to share and she could start to picture how things would be.

– Alex, Dad FC

We kept it a surprise for baby one. Though in some ways I wish I had found out as I didn’t feel like I really bonded with my bump as it was just ‘the baby’. For our second we did find out as I wanted to be able to explain to my one-year old that they were having a baby brother and be more specific about it. It also meant I wasn’t hoarding loads of clothes of hers that we didn’t need for a boy! 

– Lauren, Belle du Brighton 

We found out the gender at 20 weeks and it was such an exciting day. Knowing we were having a little boy made the last half of my pregnancy easier, I think, because I was able to decorate his room, buy him clothes and picture what our life would be like with a little boy. It felt more real. 

– Elidh, Maisy Meow 

I am a complete convert. Before I was pregnant I always said I would never find out the gender as it’s one of lifes very few surprises. Then, with pretty much everything, I got pregnant and changed my mind! I am glad I found out. I’d always pictured myself with a girl, so finding out I was having a boy gave me time to get my head around that as well as pick out clothes and little bits. I am now a boy mama through and through! I am not sure whether I’d find out with baby number two as I wouldnt mind what I had but I did love the bond it brought knowing the gender and adding a little personality as I had struggled to bond with bump at first.

– Georgina, Georgina Clarke Blog

We decided to find out, I like to be prepared and I just don’t feel like there’s enough gender neutral baby bits out there that fit our style. I worried the whole way through my pregnancy so it was nice to have that bond knowing my little man was in there

– Amy, All Things Amy


We didn’t find out with our first but did with our second. Whilst I’m not for or against I definitely preferred a surprise but each couple is different!

– Amy Green, The Smallest of Things 

I’m against finding out. I know people have their reasons for doing so but for us it would have been purely for the sake of it! All of our newborn clothes are neutral anyway, as was our nursery. I can’t describe that moment of my husband revealing we’d had a boy, it was amazing. For me, it added to the whole experience and magic. That said, I’ve always been terrified they’d get it wrong and I’d end up having a boy when I’d been told girl or vice versa so this was far less stressful!!

– Hayley, Devon Mama

We didn’t find out with our first and people were really surprised! I loved the experience of fully meeting my child at birth with no expectations. We found out with our second for more practical reasons of being prepared but part of me wishes we hadn’t. 

Jennifer, My Mummies Penny’s

I think finding out the gender is like unwrapping your Christmas presents and putting them back under the tree before the big day. I am one of these people that loves surprises though, hence we decided to wait with both our first and then our twins. We wanted the twins names to go together so it made coming up with names a lot of work as we needed 2 for a set of girl twins, 2 if they were boy twins and 2 more if boy/girl twins.. 

– Mag’s, Mummy’s Space

I didn’t find out with any of my three. The not knowing & the fact there was still a surprise to come helped get me through the labours…

Natalie, Crummy Mummy

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