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May 8, 2017

34 Uses for a Muslin Blanket

We have all heard what how essential muslin blankets are for when you have a new baby, but should you throw them all out when you’re done? We have found 34 other uses for muslin blankets, from a superhero cape to a gravy strainer – the possibilities are endless. 

Superhero Cape!
– Chelle, The Mumington Post

To use as a Moses basket sheet when your baby has vomited for the fourth time that day!
– Katy, Katy Kicker

Changing mat when out and about!
– Kate, My Family Fever 

An emergency pair of trousers! Little N had an accident & leaked through all his clothes but with nothing spare in the baby bag I wrapped his legs in the muslin blanket & put him back in the carrier…not ideal in November but at least he did have socks on!
– Hannah, The Amphletts 

Emergency bib.. giant napkin style. More coverage too!
– Emma, Ready Freddie Go 

For Swaddling. 
Danielle, Someone’s Mum

Sieving stock so you get no bits (and yes after a hot wash I’ve been happy to use mine in cooking).
– Kate, Counting to Ten

We used muslins as tie on bandanas when the baby wouldn’t keep a hat on in the sun!!
– Sara, Home With Mrs Harvey

I used one as a carrycot sheet in the pushchair as I knew it would soak better than a normal sheet! 
– Carly, Mummy and the Chunks

When your baby refuses a dummy but is happy to suck on a muslin blanket instead! 
– Elidh, Maisy Meow

In place of a tissue to wipe up snot!
– Louise, Mummy Miller

When you’ve got someone popping over and the coffee table is black and dusty as anything, a quick whip over with a muslin cloth and viola! 
– Maisie, Love Maisie 

Comforter, two of my children have loved muslins as their source of comfort
– Sarah, Boo, Roo & Tigger Too

The bigger the Muslin, the better! We used them for winding and cleaning up any dribbles when Willow was a newborn. Now we use them as blankets on hot days, great for having a picnic on, using them to make dens in the living room and they also make a great makeshift shade when out and about! Also fab for popping in the freezer with some chamomile tea, to help ease aches and pains of teething! 
– Sophia, Tattooed Tealady

Breastfeeding cover if you feel you need one. Dog towel for when he decides to walk in puddles and you have to put him back in the car! Foot towel for wiping off sand at the beach! Trolly handle cover to stop little one biting disgusting bar, and highchair seat when they are a bit small so wiggle too much in the seat. Den roof, tunnel roof, tie corners to chair legs etc and peekaboo sheet obvs!
– Chantele, Two Hearts One Roof 

Makeshift bucket for collecting shells, pine cones etc from days out 
– Sarah, A Few Favourite Things 

Squeezing excess water from cauliflower when making pizza! Also, if you have large breasts but a low nipple, a rolled up Muslin makes a Fantastic support so you can see your nipple to feed.
– Jade, Mummies Waiting

I always put a Muslin underneath my baby’s head when lying on the baby may/play gym and in the carry cot in case they are sick! 
– Roxanne, Every Cloud Mummy

Sick blanket, bib, blanket, changing mat, spill mopper-upper, a makeshift bum cleaner (obviously this went in the bin after, those things are amazing. 
– Simone, Married to a Geek

I use them for window cleaning and OH uses them for drying car after washing it (when I’m not lazy and take it to car wash!) 
– Helen, Talking Mums

We used them as cloth nappies for the first day or so in the hospital. Just folded up with a nappy nipper and wrap
– Naomi, Trips With a Tot

Wiping Down Wet Toys at a Park
– Emma, Our Fairytale Adventure

Placing them on supermarket trolley seats for babies to lie on. We all know how grimy those seats can be! 
– Catherine, Kid Versus Copy

Ours all ended up in the ‘shoe shine box’ under the sink – really useful for when only proper shoe cleaning will do! 
– Tracey, Pack the PJs

Easy to pop in a change bag and use as a towel, to dry bottom after wiping with wet wipes, as a bib, to dry the slide after rain, a sun shade, to get the sand off feet, to sit on.
– Sally, Teddy Bears & Cardigans 

My mum is brilliant at turning them into a dolly with a few knots – I’ve never quite mastered the technique myself though! 
– Louise, Little Hearts Big Love

I used a rolled up muslin to keep my c-section wound from getting clammy – yes, I have an overhang.
– Erica, The Incidental Parent

Now mine are a bit bigger we use our muslins as tea towels, they’re better than actual tea towels!
– Charlotte, Baking Betsy

When using a stretchy sling roll up and roll under the back support so they have a neck support. 
– Sara, Ballsy Mama

My son has just had chicken pox and one of the remedies was an oat bath. I placed oats in a muslin, tied it up to create a ball and held it under the running water. One mess free oat bath.
– Emma, Emma Reed

I use my old muslins to wash my face! Great for removing a cream cleanser or face mask. 
– Kelly, The Best Version of Kelly

I used them for putting under me on the bed if i leaked during the night (BF), also was handy under my breasts while breastfeeding when he was going through an odd stage of constantly feeding and spitting half of it out which got my soaked. 
– Beth, Life as Mum

We use them to make baby slings for my daughter’s dolls so she can take them out! 
– Louise, Pink Pear Bear

They make an excellent napkin when you are leaning over your baby and eating with one hand whilst feeding. I’ve cleaned many spaghetti bolognese and curry stains out of our muslins, better than on the babies head!
– Lyndsay, Fizzy Peaches

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