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All Things Baby

August 30, 2017

Baby Products You Don’t Need?

Baby products! No matter how many babies you’ve had they can still seem like a little bit of a minefield. Which ones are a waste of money and which are the next best thing? It’s all very subjective and each baby is different but our bloggers share the baby products they thought were the biggest waste of money! You can always keep your eyes peeled for freebies and bargains though to save a little! 

Nappy bin with cartridges can’t remember it’s name but used it for a day before I realised putting nappies in bags and in bin outside was easier than the thing that kept going wrong and looked hideous!
– Jen Mellor, Just Average Jen

Moses Basket, though I feel like they’re almost a rite of passage, but my little boy literally slept in it a handful of times. Should have bought our Sleepyhead sooner and stuck him in their on the sofa! 
– Rachel, The Illustrated Teacup

A huge plastic baby bath. It seemed like a good idea at the time!!! Just ended up being used as a storage bucket. Second time around we bought a baby bath seat instead which was much more effective!! 
– Lucy, Real Mum Review

A top and tail washing bucket thingy to go with the baby bath! Never used it!
– Victoria, Lylia Rose 

A heart beat blanket… did nothing for a clingy baby! There’s no fooling babies!
– Sophie, Mama Mei

A cot mobile. My little one spent more time trying to fight sleep to watch it than actually fall to sleep. And on the odd occasion that he did fall asleep to it, his eyes would ping back open the minute it stopped! 
– Nadine, Then I Became Mum

A bottle warmer, I never used it once! Hot water in a jug was much better! 
– Kerry, Blissful Domestication

We had a baby swing and Amy sat in it once. She didn’t like it at all and I’m still glad it was a hand-me-down and not something I spent my hard-earned cash on.
– Carolin, Mummy Alarm

Door bouncer. Annoying to get my daughter into and she’s bored after 5 minutes 
– Lyndsay, My Family of Roses

Most of the toys I bought! All they want to play with is kitchen rolls tubes, yogurt pots, sanitary towels and the TV remote. Could have saved myself hundreds! 
– Georgina, Gee Gardner

A Bumbo – It looked great, but my son hated it then by the time he would have liked it he was too big to fit in it!
– Renee, Close Enough to Kiss

A changing table, I could hardly stand after giving birth and I really struggled so I used to change Alyssia on the floor as it was easier for me. 
– Zoe, Mummy & Liss

Which product did you end up finding you didn’t need?

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