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April 23, 2017

Celebrating the “Mummy Milestones”

We all know the baby milestones – first smile, first roll, first steps. But what about the Mummy Milestones? Here we celebrate our biggest triumphs and passing in initiation into Motherhood.

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Leaving Amelia with someone else for the first time for several hours!
– Lucie Fapoosy, Lucie Loves It 

Being able to poo and wee without having to brace myself. Sorry to sound gross but that was something I hadn’t expected to be such a big thing but it REALLY was!!!
– Becka Smith, Mummy Est 2014

For me it was our first date night after our daughter was born, she was 3 years old at the time and it was the oddest feeling to not be tied to a routine for the whole night
– Karina Davies, Mums The Nerd

The first time we braved a baby group & survived… such a relief to finally get out of the house & talk to another adult again! 
– Hannah Amplett, The Ampletts

The first day I managed to drink a full coffee, while it was actually hot…
– Kirsty MaManus, Life With Boys

Having some ‘me time’!
– Chelle McCann, Chelle McCann

The first time my baby napped in his cot, on his own, not being swayed or rocked. It was like a new lease of life! I also missed the cuddles hugely. 
– Georgina Clarke, Georgina Clarke Blog

Going out with friends for a meal and leaving the baby at home with hubby for the first time. There was wine involved and it was glorious.
– Debbie Dann, Hello Deborah 

Managing to clean the entire house… AND SHOWER! Proudest day ever!
– Jess Dorman, These Three & Me

Wearing an outfit that didn’t have milk stains, baby sick or Organix carrot stick residue all over it!
– Becca Day, Homemakers in Action 

Two weeks in when I realised I didn’t need to follow the advice of health visitors who didn’t know my baby, and that actually, it was absolutely fine to follow my instincts and go with my gut with bedsharing (which they’d tried to put me off of doing). It was the first time I really felt like I didn’t need outside input, because doing things which felt natural was the right thing for me and my daughter. 
– Sophia Ford, Tattooed Tealady

For me, it was the first time I drove my baby in the car myself. We only went to the supermarket but actually, I don’t think I have ever driven so carefully in my entire life. Suddenly I saw this convenience as a giant death trap that could do all sorts of terrible things. I have actually remained a much safer driver too. It’s the other people I can’t control, unfortunately… 
– Katie Davies, Mummy in a Tutu

My first mojito! I don’t even drink really but ALL pregnancy I craved these so badly, I drove my husband wild trying to make alcohol free ones!! Have to say it was lovely but went STRAIGHT to my head! 
– Hayley Jones, The Devon Mama 

Getting my feet back into shoes, they got so fat I had to wear flip flops at Christmas!
– Lisa Easom, Pass The Prosecco Please

Breastfeeding in public for the first time was a major step for me. Didn’t take long ’til I had the confidence to whip them out all over the place though!
– Carol Cliffe, Family Makes

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