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Carrying a Baby

July 12, 2018

Timespring Review

We have apps for everything right? Apps for social media, apps for reminders, apps for games. However, we don’t seem to ever have apps for documenting the ordinary moments. The things that don’t warrant being published to Facebook but that mean something to us.

TimeSpring is a totally unique concept that takes sharing family moments to the next level.

Not only can you set up profiles for parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends etc and ping them updates but you can create profiles for your children. TimeSpring has time-released messaging that allows you to create updates now and send them whenever suits you. You could start scheduling messages now for your child to receive on their eighteenth birthday!

Having an app accessible on your mobile phone allows you to post the here and now, moments that could otherwise be forgotten. You can document the newborn noises, babies, first foods and the first pitter-patter of tiny feet.

Their mission is to bridge the gap between young and old, parent and child, and the way we capture our lives and how we decide to share it.

As a Dad, you don’t really get included in the whole baby book thing, and to be honest it isn’t for me. I couldn’t imagine sitting and writing. Life is too busy! I was really excited when my wife told me about TimeSpring as it just made total sense. An app where I could document the kids. Perfect. Having four children, its hard to document everything, but having it on my phone means that I can update is as the kids do things! I love that each of the kids has their own profile and one day they’ll be able to access all of the information themselves because of the time-released messaging!

– Richard, Father of Four

I’m a military wife so that means my partner and I both live far away from our family. It’s hard all around as for both sides, our kids are the only grandchildren they have at the moment. Obviously, our family want constant updates on the kids in between visits and that can be hard work. There’s already a lot of admin involved in having two children without having to remember to update everyone! TimeSpring has made it SO EASY. It allows me to create one message and send it to everyone. I don’t have to worry about switching from text to Whatsapp to Facebook Messenger to update different people on their platform of choice.  There is an element of exclusivity with us all having our own app to communicate about the kids. It feels special.

– Nicola, Mum of Two

I have an 18-month-old AND I’m expecting baby number two. Chasing around a toddler leaves little time for baby books and having time to sit and documenting all things “bump”. I was on the hunt for an ‘on the go’ solution and came across TimeSpring and I am in love. What makes it extra special is its time released messaging which means that one day all of my “bumpdates” can be delivered to ‘the bump’ herself! How special is that? One day, she’ll have me telling her exactly how I am feeling, at the exact moment I’m feeling it. How magic!

– Charlotte, Mum of One & One on the Way

Being a busy Mum, my memory can be pretty useless. We’ll blame it on ‘Baby Brain, ‘ shall we? So I absolutely LOVE TimeSprings time released meesaging to send myself reminders on a day to day basis. Not things that warrant being on my to list, but things that should be part of my daily routine that get neglected such as drink water, take vitamins etc. Its a game changer!

– Georgina, Mum of Two

*This is a sponsored post. All reviews are our own very honest opinion. TimeSpring is a fantastic app!

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