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February 18, 2019

Top Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness.

Morning Sickness! We knew to expect it, but we didn’t know how debilitating it would be right?

Carbs, carbs and more carbs! I found it helped to eat little and often, and always had plain tortilla/sandwich wraps in my handbag. Things got a little tricky when I developed gestational diabetes in my second pregnancy, but I just swapped out carbs for protein and sugar-free sweets! – Lisa, Bare Mother

I found ice cold lemonade (full sugar, not the diet stuff) really helpful when I was pregnant with my twins and struggling with morning sickness. – Becca, Becca Blogs it Out

Salt and vinegar squares or discos the stronger the taste the better really helped me. – Lianne, Ankle Biters Adventures

Seasickness bands. I was sceptical but they really relieved the nausea feelings! – Sophie, Soph Obsessed

I found that if I had my multivitamins in the evening, I was less likely to feel sick during the day.  – Leyla, Motherhood Diaries

I used to drink some ice cold water wait 5 minutes then get up and slowly start my day, and use an anti-sickness band. – Rebecca, My Girls & Me

I kept a packet of gingernuts on my bedside table and had some as soon as I woke. It was a hard habit to break! – Suzie, Raising Badgers

Top pregnancy sickness tip: Eat watermelon! Lots of other benefits in pregnancy too. – Michelle, Steemit

Orange peel used to help me, someone told me to keep some orange peel in my pocket and sniff it when I felt sick and it did help a little. – Kate, Ever After with Kids

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